The Power of Three: New Umbro ‘Triadic’ Pack

“There are three things which constitute the ability to succeed – enthusiasm, tenacity and sheer damned cheek, but all in good measure” – Harold Humphreys, Umbro Founder.

Umbro has taken a step back into history for the inspiration for their latest new colourway, using the philosophy of Harold Humphreys that is employed to create every Umbro product.

Breaking onto winter pitches in ultra-clean white lines, each of the three pro-level boots features a different colour pop to highlight the three elements for success, and to emphasise the balance of the three parts of the formula, the colours chosen are equally spaced around the ‘colour wheel’.

The Medusae II Elite gets a splash of Winter Bloom colour to represent Enthusiasm – the player who enjoys being on the ball no matter where is it on the pitch, aided by the Speed and Touch afforded by the Umbro speed outsole and the one-piece K-leather upper.

The Vivid Green colour adorning the UX Accuro Pro represents Tenacity – the deadly comfort of the boot allowing grip and accuracy to become second nature to the player who can control and impact the game from start to finish.

The lightning speed of the Velocita3 Pro allows you to take that ‘cheeky’ extra pace to beat your opponent – and the flash of white as you pass them will have an accent of Scarlet Ibis. The new Triadic collection is available to purchase now.