SAFA, tell us whose brilliant idea were these games?

It is an incredible joke, one of many in South Africa’s comedy show, known to many as football. South Africa’s creme de la creme of footballers seem to be thumbing their noses at the national team and the nation. Mind you, the creme is not awfully of the greatest quality but still, it is still our creme.

After announcing the team that would be playing against Australia and New Zealand many moons ago, dead coach walking, Gordon Igesund got a rude resurrection when players withdrew from the team in their droves. He has been at pains to tell everyone who cares to listen about his misfortune, however, let’s be frank, what exactly is the point of these games? The players know that Igesund is history; they feel no obligation to him. They do not mind withdrawing because they know the poor guy is going to bounce anyway.

Secondly, what exactly is South Africa supposed to gain in these games? How is it going to change the price of bread?

The reality is that playing FIFA 14 is a more attractive proposition for players at this time of the year.

At this stage no player wants to even look at a football let alone play, unless of cause you are Benedict Vilakazi and you are desperate for a job.

Can SAFA President Dr. Danny Jordaan tell us whose brilliant idea were these games, why doesn’t that person play?

I think someone at the South African Football Associatio (SAFA) is trying to sneak a holiday to OZ through Bafana Bafana.

Then of cause we have many other theories as to why players are withdrawing. A popular one is that many of our players are still not over the Minister Razzmatazz’s (Fikile Mbalula) foot in mouth disease that led to him calling them a bunch of losers. (At this point I wish to admit that I concurred) but I too would rather stay home and enjoy my hefty end of season bonus like Teko Modise rather than face a World Cup bound fired up Australian team. In case I find Minister Razzmatazz waiting for me at OR Tambo with a sjambok this time.

There has been a lot of speculative theories about the real reasons, others truly believe that the chickens have come to roost after Mbalula’s comments. But, could Igesund himself be the stumbling block, how would he face his alleged accuser, Itumeleng Khune as an example?

Somehow I think it would be have been more awkward for Khune than the recent Euphonik/Bonang embarrassing episode he starred in.

The point though is that brains must not only be present but be used when games are planned. Stick to FIFA dates, they are there for a reason, choose games based on value they derive and lastly don’t plan games for a coach whose head is past the chopping block. YES I said it!

South African football does not need this discord, we have enough already. Before I close, may I too take this moment to wish Yaya Toure a happy birthday, 31 is such an incredible milestone!

Next we chat about the nickname, Bafana Bafana.

By Mr. Know it ALL