SAFA DC bans six Polokwane LFA officials

The South African Football Association (SAFA) National Disciplinary Committee has banned six former members of the Polokwane Local Football Association (LFA) who took SAFA to court.

From the initial 20 who were charged, the following six were found guilty and were banned indefinitely from all football activities following a DC last Saturday, 8 March.

1. Ben Raseboya

2. Ngwako David Rapholo

3. Kenneth Ka Diaka

4. Matsobane Mojapelo

5. Rocky Peta

6. Rashela Phema

SAFA Capricorn President and SAFA NEC member, Abel Rakoma said the sentence was a deterrent to those who ignore the FIFA Statutes.

“The ruling is a lesson to those who disregard FIFA statutes not to refer football matters to the courts of law. The culprits will now pay a hefty price and be a source of reference,” said Mr Rakoma.

The hearing came after the Polokwane LFA took a football-related dispute to an ordinary court of law, in contravention of SAFA Statutes, in particular in particular article 71.1 which states the following:

SAFA, its Members, Players, Officials and players’ agents will not take any dispute to Ordinary Courts unless specifically provided for in these Statutes and FIFA regulations. Any disagreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of FIFA, CAF or SAFA.’

The Polokwane LFA had taken SAFA Capricorn Region to court on 28 September 2013, insisting the SAFA National Congress not to recognise the delegates from the region.

The matter was heard by the High Court, which ruled that SASCOC should deal with the issue within an hour on the same day. But SASCOC said it was impractical to hear the matter at such short notice.

The banned members have the right to appeal should they so wish.