Premier Soccer League security is bad

It’s got to be said though that the Premier Soccer League (PSL) security is just bad, actually very very bad. I mean the Orlando Pirates supporters started misbehaving at around 60 minutes or even earlier, with the security keeping a distant guard.

It was clear from then on that trouble was brewing but whoever was the commander of the security in the stadium still failed to do the most reasonable thing, call for backup.

They kept watching those supporters until they started breaking stuff, unbelievable there was still no back up. Sundowns scored the fourth goal and now the Pirates supporters (well the sections behind the poles) were really out of control but unbelievably, there was still no call for backup.

I think I saw the first police man well the was already a full blown chaos with supporters fighting each other. It is really a sad indictment on the PSL that we can see such lax security after the Ellis Park disaster. Lives could’ve easily been lost again yesterday and I know there will be press conferences as usual but again nothing will come of it.

This further justifies one’s decision not to bring kids to the stadium, imagine the trauma of seeing such? And I’m tired of saying PSL must do something because they never do.

By Wonder Mlandzeni Ka Ntila