Open letter to Tshabalala and Celtic Management

In the meeting that we had before the end of the season with the management and the chairman, Max Tshabalala. The main issue was about the players who absconded from training sessions because of not receiving their salaries.

The chairman promised us that the same mistake won’t happen again. Surprisingly, the very same fate happened last month and repeatedly so, it’s happening again this month. This is the second day of the month and players and staff did not receive salaries again. This comes again after the announcement by the chairman that players won’t be receiving the bonuses this season.

Considering the fact that the kick off of PSL 2018/19 season will be this coming Saturday and Sunday the 4th & 5th of August, I want to pose the following questions to the management and Chairman:

1. What is your plan for the team this season?
2. Are you expecting positive results from home and away games hence you don’t pay salaries on time?
3. Since you’ve said you have a financial muscle to carry out the team, why are you not paying bonuses to the players?
4. Are you expecting the players to give out their utmost best whilst they are not happy?
5. What is the duty of the CEO- Khumbulani Konco in the office, is he advising the chairman correctly kapa wamo tipetsa? I can tell that you are misleading him at all cost.
6. Do you consider the wounds that will be left in our hearts as supporters with the draws and losses that we’ll experience every game that we’ll be playing?
7. Is it your plan as management and Chairman to kill Bloemfontein Celtic, it’s image and dignity?
8. Do you know how many wounds will be left in the hearts of South African people, particularly Free State and Mangaung Metro if the club goes to Mvela or lose its status?
9. Does being a millionaire makes you God and enjoy other people’s tears and misery?
10. In whatever you’ve been doing, are you grateful about the drama that has been going on in the club and in the supporters club?
11. Do you enjoy the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Supper with your beloved family and friends while you know very well the employees and staff are starving out there?
12. Are you aware that you are busy destroying the families of the Technical team, Players and staff that are going to work every day but not putting food on the table to feed their loved ones?
(It has come to our attention as supporters that it’s more than 3 months and the Staff is still not paid) Please Max Tshabalala, akobe le botho.
13. Once more, I plead with you again, REKISA TEAM TO OUR POTENTIAL LOCAL BUYERS just for the sake of peace and justice to the people of South Africa.

I have tried to be civil in this situation and kindly request that before you answer me and supporters on this open letter, you must internalize, do self-introspection, revert back to the promise you made to Ntate Molemela and pray for God to help you before it’s too late. You really need God Max, you are very weak to can carry this load alone.

If you really can’t carry and lead Bloemfontein Celtic, please be a man enough and sell the team to our local potential buyers. You won’t be a coward by doing so, at the end of the day you’ll also be relieved.

NB: This is the open letter to the Management and Chairman of Bloemfontein Celtic, everyone is welcome to comment but I’ll appreciate if I can get answers from the directed people. As for NEC of the BFN Celtic supporters club, I’ll be happy if you can just spare your energy and keep quiet. You have failed to perform and carry out duties you are assigned to do. Keep on enjoying the freebies at the expenses of the supporters. Inde le ndlela esiihambayo, your day is coming where you will be liable to account to God and our ancestors for selling our souls and we’ll being of Bloemfontein Celtic.

I thank you

Nico Motseki Seutloali
Chairperson: Adhoc Committee
Bloemfontein Celtic supporters club