One of the most criticized player in the world

He don’t drink alcohol because he felt the pains that cause the death of his father, he has no tattoos so as to give out blood two times a year to some hospitals, he come from a poor family and he lost his father when he was barley 20.

He made great donations for schools on Palestine and recently he donated his golden boot for the country, and gives each year £3millon in some African countries suffering from famine.

He donated €100,000 in support of ICRC in Afghan land mine victims. He donated 7-million euro’s to help Nepal aid effort to save Children from earthquakes.

He donated 2.4-million euro’s to Palestinians Children in Gaza, He donated 6.5-million Euro’s to Serbia and Bosnia to the population affected by floods!!

Ronaldo won the Silver boot and gave it to Nani after they won euro 2016 because Nani worked tremendously in that match, this guy is heart giving. Yet, he is one of the most criticized player’s and best player in the world of football. Who is he…? Cristiano Ronaldo!!

By Omer Akgun