No foreign coach will succeed at Bafana Bafana

It’s good that Nigeria lost to France on Monday! It was going to give very false impressions that he (Stephen Keshi) is the right coach to fix Bafana Bafana.

And somebody please give a piece of advice to former Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi that Bafana Bafana will destroy him the same way it destroyed others coaches!

We have a very poor South African Football Association (SAFA) Executive that still believe in foreign misleading expertise to solve a very complex Bafana, this association is making us a confused nation going back and forth with Carlos Queiroz.

The most trusted SAFA president Dr Danny Jordaan is bringing nothing different but a failure in waiting how will a foreign coach bring the quality that is lacking in our players?

We are making a solution a problem to these coaches the problem is with us and until they are all thoroughly addressed no foreign coach will succeed!!

By Khutso Moropa