Nike launch the Mercurial CR7 “Chapter 6”

Cristiano Ronaldo captained Portugal for the first time on February 6, 2007, the day after his 22nd birthday. The following year, he became the federation’s standing skipper and has since gone on to set the record for most captaincies of his country — a record he extends with every Portugal appearance.

Even when injured and unable to play (as he was in the final of the 2016 European Championship), Ronaldo has made a positive impact on his team through his leadership.

Chapter 6 in the series of seven CR7 boots focuses on Ronaldo’s role as the captain of his national team. As such, the palette of the boot complements Portugal’s traditional colours. “When you play for your country you want to win, you want to defend your colours,” confirms Ronaldo.

The CR7 Chapter 6: Born Leader boot is available March 26 on and Mach 30 in stores.