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Modern football theories vs practice  

We have to accept that modern football’s rapid increase of demands imposed by the race for success, especially the introduction of advanced play systems, fast transition play, compact defence or the need for complete players, creativity and imposing individuality, leads to the critical challenge of finding new coaching and training solutions which can satisfy these requirements.

It is highly tempting and much easier to come up with fresh ideas and tactical innovations or to add technical requirements that someone have just dreamed about and then think that the game, consequently, would move to the next level.

That’s less rational and simplistic and yet it’s the reality of today’s game. It is obvious the football theory with its new technical/tactical and mental requirements has moved ahead and left the practice far behind.

The current ‘know-how’ is lacking or short on coaching/training methods for producing, for example, a new breed of players capable to achieve coaches’ and supporters’ high expectations.

As the coach education content is not being updated/innovated but recycled with old information, the absolute need for modern practice to match theories of modern football remains the most critical challenge.

By Ted Dumitru