Masuku unprofessional behaviour undermined Pirates brand

I was flabbergasted to see Khethowakhe Masuku enjoying music through earphones on the bench after he was substituted against Santos in the last 16 of the Nedbank Cup. His unmindful, ill-discipline and unprofessional conduct on the bench must be censured in the beautiful game.

Masuku had an explicit intention to demean the brand of the Orlando Pirates and also disrespecting the loyal fans of the team. Players should behave in a professional way to avoid bringing the brand of the team into disrepute.

Football is a collective sport and Masuku must be part of the collective than isolating himself due to substitution. I am disappointed that he decided not to be part of the team.

Masuku’s regrettable behaviour justified the utterances made by former Pirates player Thulasizwe Mbuyane who cited division amongst players and lack of team spirit as main downfall of the team this season. Masuku backward, unprofessional and ill-discipline conduct must be condemned in the beautiful game.

The social networks were vibrant with Masuku ill-discipline conduct. Some fans condemned his behaviour whilst others found nothing wrong to enjoy the music on the bench.

Kgaugelo Skgalow Kotsedi said: “Masuku is being childish but Vladimir Vermezovic (VV) will deal with him”.

Boitumelo Daddy’s Gal said: “If all Pirates players can be committed as Rooi Mahamutsa, Pirates will go places’’. The vocal Resilience “Edshine” Makhale said that “VV is a man and Masuku will pay a price for his ill-discipline which might be leaving the team in this June.”

However, Xoli Mapuma defended Masuku: “If he walks to dressing room, fans would complain and he was not part of the game and he has a reason to enjoy the music on the bench and he would be unlucky to be punished as his action was not that bad.”

Orlando Pirates administrative manager Floyd Mbele found the behaviour of Masuku unprofessional and inappropriate after instructed him to remove the earphones on the bench. He promised that Orlando Pirates will look at the matter.

Masuku inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour must be condemned in the beautiful game.

By Owen Mundalamo