Puma evoPOWER Tricks FG Balotelli

PUMA designers sat down with striker Mario Balotelli to discuss what motivates and moves him in the world of football and beyond.


He discussed the values that he lives by and his drive to be a humble player and person. (In fact, he’s said many times before that he doesn’t believe in celebrating his goals; it’s his job.) The conversation also covered his tattoos, specifically his tattoos featuring famous quotes.

The resulting Tricks execution features one such quote plus the words Professionalism, Endeavor, and Humility to demonstrate his goals in life and on the pitch. Balotelli will lace up in these custom boots on November 8, 2014.

PUMA will launch a series of Special Edition Tricks boots, the first of which is being launched for Balotelli today (8 November 2014). There are only be 10 pairs available, retailing at R3999 each and can be found at Rashid Cassim.