How the Brazilians have fared under Mourinho

If you are a disciple of Jose Mourinho, please do not read this!  As the 2013/14 season draws to a close, I have decided to review how well the Brazilians – Willian, David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires, have fared under the Chelsea manager.

I will start by saying I do not think Mourinho is a very good attacking coach. Shoot me!

Willian: Strong and Skillful. I must confess he has not impressed me this term, one bit. Isn’t it strange that an attacker who is supposed to score goals and assist has neglected his primary duties? Willian plays more like a defensive midfielder, running around marking for the ball. In addition, it has always been a one-way-traffic whenever he attacks.

All he tries to do is push the ball to the left side of his marker and run. What is expected of Willian is creativity and precision. Remember, the fact that he is seen all around the field does not guarantee he is doing the right thing. Willian is a strong player with some good skills. I think Chelsea deserve much more from the Brazilian.

Luiz: Settled in immediately he joined the club. This man has been a shadow of himself almost all through the season. Then we ask what has happened to our very own Luiz? Last summer, there were rumours of Mourinho offering either Luiz or Juan Mata plus cash for Wayne Rooney. The Portuguese played down these speculations and it was only a matter of time before we began to realize they weren’t mere speculations.

It’s obvious Jose doesn’t want his defenders to be as adventurous as Luiz. He wasn’t Jose’s choice early in the season. This was worsened by his injury and he had to force his way back into the team. This man is losing confidence and whenever you see him on the field of play, you just know that he is clearly playing to instructions. He doesn’t move around freely and never in control of his own area.

Luiz is a useful asset as he can be deployed in defensive and midfield roles. I also want to see him improve his football, something he has not really done since he joined Chelsea.

Oscar: Oscar the golden boy. Whatever happened to the treasure of last season. Has he not gotten used to playing without Mata? Is he now scared of running the midfield and wrecking havoc on opposition? I leave these questions for my readers to answer. When I first watched Oscar, I just knew he is a potential world best. Incisive moves, great runs and thunderous strikes.

The young man has great work rate, good attacking moves and you can always depending on him to break opposition attacks and limit spaces available to opponents. Jose is trying to make Oscar into his own kind of No. 10 but it isn’t working. He wants Oscar to hold on to the ball and dribble. Those aren’t his best qualities. He isn’t a wonderful dribbler neither is he a great passer of the ball. His strength lies in his work rate, sharp moves and killer strikes. Oscar likes to keep the ball moving and not holding on to it. I’m deeply concerned about the young man’s career because a rising star must improve by every passing season.

These days I watch him and feel like his game is being complicated. Many times he isn’t sure where he should be or what he should be doing. Oscar has years ahead of him. I hope himself and his team would help him make the best of these years.

Ramires: Have you stopped for a second to think about what has gone wrong with this man? He used to be Chelsea’s inspiration for attacks. He picks the balls, runs into opponents and open spaces for the attackers. He even scores in many occasions. All he does now is commit unnecessary fouls and consistently enter the referee’s book.

Mourinho doesn’t allow him the freedom to run freely. He stations Ramires as the man to clear opponents and the ball. What we have seen of Ramires over the past seasons is that Chelsea doesn’t have to stay back and mark opponents. Instead this man runs at his opponents and puts pressure on them. He created countless goals doing this. With Nemanja Matic as a holding midfielder, I see no reason why Ramires cannot venture forward. In these instances, the likes of Oscar can cover for him if need be.

I hope that Jose opens his eyes to understand the qualities of these guys and put them to best use.

For the record, I am a Chelsea fan.

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By Olusanmi Olaniyan

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