He is not ready to be a leader

We know very well that he faked his injury after his unsuccessful conspiracy to sabotage the coach. His evidence were found to be inadequate by the South African Football Association. He is scared to face the same coach he nearly sabotaged.

He is a leader to few but coward to many. He let the Nation down after he faked an injury before a big game, but played a league game within few days.

He is not ready to be a leader. He is a coward leader leading from the back.

He abandoning the ship now because he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the master and the only way out is to fake an injury.

The coach is patient to settle his score before his departure but they must relinquish the armband. We need a dedicated and discipline soldier to lead the troops.

I’m happy that the Association will appoint a new coach and a dedicated captain in July 2014.

By Owen Mundalamo