Victory for Giggs! What Man United fans say…

Manchester United 4-0 Norwich. Ryan Giggs’ tenure as interim United boss got off to the best possible start as a brace apiece for Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata gave the home side all three points in an entertaining afternoon at Old Trafford.

Ashley Wycliffe: I must admit I have never been happy like today since Sir Alex departed from Man United. What I saw today is what has been lacking throughout the season. Today we played with so much passion, enthusiasm, energy and desire to win. Our attack forces of Rooney, Valencia and Kagawa all performed with great agility. That is the United way. Well done boys. I’m proud of you and you have made my day. Glory Glory Man United and the Reds go marching on!

Mark Parry: Finally, this is the Manchester United that I know. Ryan Giggs might not have the experience in management, but he knows United in and out after spending most of his life there; knows the strength of all his teammates. The brand of playing styles that brings them so many trophies. I would rather Giggs lead the team now and learn the trade as the same time. No point bringing Louis van Gaal in cause he will also need time to build the team up again and that takes time as well. I would rather give time to Giggs because the transition period will be cut short. How many years is Van Gaal going to stay? Giggs will always be with United.

Katie Kalani: I’m so glad I went to Old Trafford to see the game. The atmosphere was amazing and if was fantastic to see United play proper football again.

Robert Lukyamuzi: Still hard for me to understand how all my favourite players failed to display this original united quality the entire season. Giggs plus his legend staff need to tell us what they did differently. No matter who the coach was. I trusted Man United way better than this season’s display. If today’s amazing display could be repeated before this season ends, it would kind of explain the whole seasonal pain as a very costly, unacceptable and heart breaking punishment from our most loved champions to mgt, Sir Alex, and the fans for accepting Mr. Moyes as “The Chosen One”. Wish Moyes spent some time to create friendship with the squad. This has been just an amazing display. And no player is new. We would not be nursing record breaking wounds.

Melody Sann: I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to watch United game in this season. Despite the goals, it’s such a joy to see the boys playing for nothing, but for the team, for the club, for the name and for us! Literally, not settling with a few goals but craving for more, playing with passion and reminding people who we are. Go, reds! Now that’s the team. That’s Manchester United!

Lovemore Machingura: Giggs is a Manchester United legend and everything he touches at Man United turns to gold… all he did was show you that our team is not near as bad as David Moyes made it.

Wayne Merris: Give Giggs a year as Manager and appoint Sir Alex Ferguson to an official consultancy position of “Manager’s Mentor” to support him. We are a club that values heritage and continuity, the manager should be an existing link in our chain and who has earned the respect of the change-room and the admiration of the fans. I say give Giggsy a chance with the official consultancy of Sir Alex for a year!

Mehmet Alcane: David Moyes suffered defeat in his first match in charge of Manchester United as they were beaten 1-0 by the Singha All Stars in Thailand.

Loretta Otiemoria: Ryan Giggs is the answer, I hope he retain his managerial post permanently. Giggs has been tearing them other chicken clubs apart since 1991 or thereabout. We need his remedy; my conclusion is in Ryan Giggs I trust.

Alex Chess: Today I could feel that feeling I used to feel during Fergie time! The atmosphere was like those days! The players had morale and they were determined to win. Now those who used to call some of us ‘plastic fans’ when we called for sacking of Moyes can see the sense! The winning mentality we had lost is back! I love this game.

George Atang: In 2008, Barcelona who are a club of almost the same stature of Manchester United, took a massive chance and decided to rebuild by appointing a 37-year old manager who had NO experience of managing a major team in and NO experience of managing in international or Champions League football. That manager was appointed because he was well versed in the Barcelona philosophy. That manager went on to win 14 trophies in 4 years. Who was that manager? It was Pep Guardiola. It worked for Barcelona although they did have an amazing squad that obviously helped too. It may work for Man United and Giggs. I think Man United should give Giggs a chance of being the permanent manager. Like Guardiola was in 2008 with Barcelona, Giggs knows Manchester United’s winning philosophy and has learnt from Man United’s best manager. But it requires Manchester United to be brave and give an unproven guy a chance. Barcelona did it and it worked out rather well for them.