DISKIBABE Interview with Lerato Rose

DISKIFANS.com spoke to DISKIBABE and SuperSport United Supporter Lerato Rose.

Name: Lerato Rose
Favourite Club: SuperSport United
Favourite Player: Aubrey Maphosa “Posman” Modiba
Favourite Stadium: Lucas Masterpieces Moripe Stadium
Favourite Car: Mercedes-Benz AMG C63
Favourite Music: RnB & Soul
Favourite Phone: Huawei P20

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I am an outgoing person, very kind and humble. I’m also a bit shy but I am very friendly and I love soccer.

When did you start supporting your team?
I wasn’t a fan of soccer at first, it just happened that I went to the stadium to watch soccer because I was bored then I instantly fell in love with SuperSport United, I think it was love at first sight 😊😍, then I started following them and started to watch soccer as a whole.

How many jerseys do you own of your favourite club?
Yho, there are actually a lot of them because they release new jerseys each season, even the designer ones but I’d love to own a jersey that was worn by Aubrey Modiba.

What has been your favourite match you’ve watched since supporting your team?
When we beat Orlando Pirates 6-0. I will never forget that game, I will even tell my children in future about that game

Worst bad game you’ve watched?
The recent MTN8 final that we lost 4-1 on penalties against Cape Town City, I was so mad at how my team was playing from the beginning of the game, it was horrible.

Best place to watch your team is: Stadium, Home or Sports Bar?
I love watching my team at the stadium, our home ground because the atmosphere there is just amazing, we meet there as supporters and cheer for our team.

How does it feel to be so damn good-looking?
It feels great I guess. (Laughs) We just like taking care of ourselves as ladies you know.

Do you get a lot of guys asking you out for drinks?
Yeah and sometimes it can be annoying so I just put on this serious face so that they can be scared to approach me.

What do you do when not watching football?
I go to the movies with my best friend and godchild or I just chill at home.

What would a guy need to do to charm you?
He would have to love my team, even if he doesn’t support it but he must say all the good things about it and ask me to go to watch soccer with him. He must understand soccer.

Do you kiss on the first date?
It depends on how I’m feeling and the type of the guy that I’ll be on the date with.

What always makes you feel sexy?
Doing squads, after doing them I feel so sexy and I get motivated to keep going.

What do you do to stay fit? Diet? Running…
I do exercises at home and jog for 30 minutes if I didn’t walk during the day.

Do you have any advice for guys on how to increase their hotness?
They must just take care of their skin, do nice hair cuts and leave their messy hair. Exercise and avoid being very big, be clean and smell nice

How do you usually psych yourself up for a night out?
I’m not a party person, I don’t go out to parties or clubs.

Best place to party in the world?
Well since I’m not really a party fan I wouldn’t know the best place to party.

What else would you learn if you had the time to learn anything?
I’d really love to learn about men and what they think, what they want. They always say women are difficult but honestly speaking they are the ones who are difficult. So if I can learn more about them I’ll be satisfied.

Who do you admire most?
I admire people who work hard, who believe in their dreams no matter how hard the road is. I admire people who makes changes to make our world a better place.

Any advice to our readers on how to understand beautiful women?
Beautiful women are not really difficult to understand. Just respect them, support them, motivate them, guide them, inspire them, and most importantly love them. We love to be appreciated and loved.

Finally, what’s your dream job?
My dream job is to be marketing manager of SuperSport United, I pray every day to make that dream come true.