DISKIBABE Interview with Joyce Mosweu

DISKIFANS.com spoke to DISKIBABE and Kaizer Chiefs Supporter Joyce Mosweu.

Name: Joyce Mosweu

Favourite Club: Kaizer Chiefs

Favourite Player: Erick Mathoho

Favourite Stadium: FNB Stadium

Favourite Car: BMW X1

Favourite Music: House Music

Favourite Phone: iPhone

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am an outgoing person who enjoys watching sports.

When did you start supporting your team?

15 years.

How many jerseys do you own of your favourite club?

3 Kaizer Chiefs jerseys.

What has been your favourite match you’ve watched since supporting your team?

When we won the league in the 2012/13 season…

Do guys ask for your numbers at the stadium?

Not really cos I watch it at home.

Worst bad game you’ve watched?

All the games Orlando Pirates games we lost.

Best place to watch your team is: Stadium, Home or Sports Bar? And why that place?

Home because it’s quiet and I can see the players clearly and the commentator.

Do you think your team will win the League?

100% sure!

How has 2015 been for you?

Fairly good…

Do you remember your first kiss? How was it?

(Laughs) Nope!

What’s your sexiest feature?

My legs!

What would a guy need to do to charm you?

Being honest.

What sport were you best at in your school days?


Have you ever been in a fight?


It’s almost holiday time! Any plans?

Spend time with my family cos I don’t see them much.

And, finally, what are your future plans?

Become a successful entrepreneur.