Day 26: Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge

The decision to play for La-Masia FC in their quarter-final clash against Meadowlands Academy, which they won 1-0 at this year’s Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge, was pretty simple for Bafana Bafana star midfielder Keagan Dolly.

The 24-year old France-based pacy left-winger just wanted to reach out to young and upcoming players who still have aspirations of cracking it into the professional scene one of the good days, that they too could also make like he did.

Dolly, who now plies his trade for French League 1 side HCS Montpellier FC, stressed that all they needed to do was to continue believing that their dreams were possible to achieve, like he once did.

“I’ve always heard a lot about this tournament (Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge) while I was growing up,” Dolly said. “I always knew how big it was. Some of the best talents we have in this country always turn up to showcase their talents here. It just felt good to come back and play in front of a (big) crowd with a group of fellows I grew up with.

“It was good to have a run with them (old friends) and also make them aware that (he was still the same Keagan they grew up with). My other intention was to keep fit because eight days without doing something to help you keep in shape is pretty bad.

Dolly added: “It was also to inspire the up and coming young ones by sharing my experiences with them so that they can believe that: ‘If Keagan made it’, then they too could do the same. My advice to them is that they must just keep working hard because you never know who is watching.”

The pay winger also expressed that he is now settling in quite well in his new club, adding that he’s even hoping to get more game time going into the New Year.

Meanwhile, last year’s finalist, Due Continental FC, failed to progress to the quarter-finals of the tournament, after suffering a 1-0 defeat to inform Strokes FC.

Match day 26 Discovery Walter Sisal Soccer Challenge Results


1 Protean Real Hearts FC 2 vs. 0 Linville Cameroon
2 Dhlamini XI Experience 4 vs. 0 Chalaza Development
3 Super Spurs FC 0 vs. 5 Killer Park United
4 Infinity Sports FC 2 vs. 1 Orlando Real Sweepers
5 Ambassador United 0 vs. 2  Orange Army FC
6 White City Spurs 2 vs. 0 Atletico FC



  1 Nailed Ladies FC 0 vs. 4 Soweto Fabulous Ladies FC
  2 Ya Rona Ladies FC 1 vs. 2 Jabu All Stars FC



  1 Dube Continental 0 vs. 1 Strokes FC
  2 Ndengeza FC 1 vs. 1 The Boys FC (The Boys won 6-5 on penalties)
  3 White City Spurs 0 vs. 2 Catalonia
  4 Senaoane Gunners 2 vs. 0 Pristine FC
  5 Mapetla All Stars 0 vs. 0 Pimville Cameroon(Mapetla won 5-3 on penalties)
  6 Dzakaroski 1 vs. 0 Varsity College
  7 La-Masia FC 1 vs. 0 Meadowlands Academy
  8 Soweto Super United 0 vs. 0 Soweto All Stars (Super United won 3-0 on penalties)


Semi – Finals  Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge Fixtures

Wednesday, 27 December 2017


Match No Fixtures Kick-off times
1 Protea Real Hearts FC vs. Dlamini X1 Experience FC 09h00
3 Orange Army F.C vs. Pimville Cameroon F.C 10h00
4 Kibler United F.C vs. Infinity Sports F.C 10h00



Match No Fixtures Kick-off times
1 Mitos Stars F.C vs. Soweto Fabulous Ladies FC 11h00
2 Naledi Ladies F.C vs. Soweto Ladies FC 11h00
3 Yarona Ladies FC vs. Sunbirds FC 12h30



Match No Fixtures Kick-off times
1 Senoane Gunners vs. Strokes FC 12h30
2 Meadowlands All Stars  FC vs. The Boys FC 14h00
3 Catalonia F.C vs. LA- MASIA 15h30
4 Dzakaroski F.C  vs. Soweto Super United FC 17h00